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Advertise with Oyster
Advertise with Oyster
Placing your online advertising with Oyster can deliver your advertising message to a unique section of the Cook Islands population and to the many overseas customers who visit our web site. Each month over 100,000 Oyster pages are displayed to Internet users in the Cook Islands and internationally.

An online advertising campaign with Oyster can help you:
  • Alert Internet users about your business or services
  • Raise brand and product awareness
  • Increase the number of visitors to your web site
  • Increase product sales
Banner advertising forms the majority of advertising on the Web. It is a powerful advertising medium that can be used for both brand awareness and direct marketing campaigns.
An advertising banner is a graphic image on a web page that is linked to a location chosen by the advertiser (e.g. the advertiser's web site).

How Banner Advertising Works On Oyster
Displayed in Figure 1 below is an example of an advertising banner designed for the Oyster Web Site. Just below and to the right of this banner are width and height measurements for Oyster Web Site banners.
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Figure 1

The above advertising banner has the following features:
  • When an Internet user clicks-on the banner they will be taken to a page on the advertiser's web site or to another page on the Oyster web site designed for the advertiser. The page the Internet user is taken to usually contains the full advertising material that you want to present to your customers, such as a sales brochure, product catalogue, special offer etc. 

  • Research indicates that animated banners are more effective than static banners, generating higher ad awareness, recall and click-through. The banner in Figure 1 is an "Animated GIF" file. The banner image is an animation created by combining multiple GIF image files into a single file. The result is multiple images, displayed one after another, that give the appearance of movement.

  • Advertising banners on the Oyster Web site appear in the upper right-hand corner on nearly every page throughout the site. Recently, extra banner space has been made available for several placements on the Oyster Site. Each time a user visits a page on the Oyster web site they will see a different banner, selected from the pool of advertising banners. By rotating the banners in this way we make our web site advertising more appealing to our customers.

  • When an user moves their mouse pointer over the banner a brief message appears, usually instructing the user to click-on the banner for more information.

  • When you place your advertising banner with Oyster, you will receive a monthly summary report (via e-mail) containing the number of times your banner was displayed and how many times it was clicked-on. When a banner is displayed on a page we call this an "Impression". When a banner is clicked-on we call this a "click-through". These are standard terms used in the Internet advertising industry.

  • The required size of a advertising banner on the Oyster web site is: Width = 242 Pixels, Height = 40 Pixels, maximum file size = 15 KBytes.

Pricing Schedule
The placement charge for a single advertising banner on the Oyster web site is:
  • $22.50* per month

  • $25.00* set-up charge, paid once for each banner file. This charge also applies if a banner is replaced.

We also offer the following advertising banner design packages:
  • Static Banner Design (i.e. without animation): $80.00*
  • Animated Banner Design: $100.00*
  • High Impact Animated Banner Design: $500.00*
The above prices for the banner design packages do not include the placement charges shown above.

Placing Your Advertising With Oyster
You can place your advertising with Oyster by completing two simple steps:
  1. Fill-in an Oyster Website Charge Form by either coming into the Customer Services area at the Telecom Centre or we can fax a form out to you. Our Sales and Service telephone number is 123.

  2. Purchase an animated advertising banner design package from Oyster or have an advertising banner designed for you that meets Oyster's requirements in terms of banner dimensions and file size limit (stated above).

Increasingly, the Internet is the place where people go to find information about products and services. Make sure you make your presence felt.

We look forward to seeing your advertising banner on the Oyster Web site.

*Please Note: Prices are subject to change without notice.
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